International Jury Team

To promote and foster collaboration and understanding in the international arts community,  our contest has 9 jury members representing diverse backgrounds.   We value diversity and the various perspectives that an international jury provides our photography contest.

United States of America The Jury President
Donald E Brown

Normante Ribokaite

aMOL, AFIAP, BEPSS, Normante Ribokaite was born in Dusetos, in 1968.  The artist is one of the

Manolis Metzakis

United States of America
Jeenah Moon

NY Times and Associated Press Photographer

Mehmet Masum SÜER

Mehmet Masum Suer is a documentary photographer and freelance journalist, living in the city of

United States of America
Aaron Asis

Born in  New York City, Aaron Asis NYC Photographer spent his childhood exploring the city, its

United States of America
Jie Fischer

Jie, A Wildlife Photographer (EPSA/FAPU/APSNY/FsPSNY )she currently is living in the city of New

Borislav Milovanovic
Borislav Milovanovic

EFIAP/p, ESFIAP, EPSA, GPU CR3 , F1FSS Very well known in the PSA and FIAP world. Born in 1963 in

Ovi D Pop

Born in Oradea, Romania on the 9th of April, 1973. Ovi has been a

Yousuf Tushar FIAP PSA Photography Bangladesh
Yousuf Tushar

Sri Lanka
Ranjani Perera

Narendu Ghosh

Appointed as a Photography Society of America Photo Travel AIDS in Eastern India. Member of

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